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Integrated Optical Light Modulators

The integrated optical modulators allow you to influence the amplitude or phase of laser light quickly and with high dynamics.

Light modulators
The fiber-coupled integrated optical light modulators from Jenoptik are ideal for the amplitude or phase modulation of laser light. You can cover wavelengths of between 500 and 1600 nanometers. 

The modulators are based on electro-optical crystals and make use of their rapid electro-optical effect. You can use them to influence the phase or amplitude of light up to high modulation frequencies in the gigahertz range. In addition, the compact devices have a high optical power  stabilitylow modulation voltages and high extinction ratios

The light is easily coupled into the integrated optical light modulators using optical fibers and connectors. The modulators can also be equipped with specially adapted control units on request, such as a pluse picker control unit. In addition to standard light modulators, Jenoptik also develops and manufactures customer-specific components to meet your specific requirements. 


  • Powerful: High optical power stability and extinction ratios
  • Fast: Broadband signal processing up to the gigahertz range
  • Versatile: Can be used at a variety of wavelengths in the VIS and IR spectral range
  • User-friendly: Couple in and out laser light easily via optical fibers and connectors
  • Customized: Custom-made components to meet your requirements

Fields of Application

  • Analog modulation with high dynamics
  • Digital modulation
  • Short pulse generation
  • Pulse shaping
  • Exposure technology
  • Laser-scanning microscopy
  • Interferometric measurement technology
  • Sideband generation
  • Optical coherence tomography

Integrated Optical Amplitude Modulator: Modulate Light with High Frequencies

The integrated optical amplitude modulator influences the amplitude of laser light very fast and with high dynamics.

Amplitude Modulator from Jenoptik
The Jenoptik integrated optical amplitude modulator is a fiber-coupled electro-optical light modulator. It uses the Mach-Zehnder interferometer principle in waveguides, enabling you to transmit signals with particularly high modulation frequencies up to the gigahertz range. We offer modulators for wavelengths in the VIS and IR spectral range for this purpose.

With the standard version of the integrated optical amplitude modulators, the light is coupled in and out using polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers. You can also configure the light modulator with other fiber systems or connectors

Integrated Optical Phase Modulator: Modulate Light with High Frequencies

The Jenoptik integrated optical phase modulator is a fiber-coupled electro-optical light modulator. You can use it in the VIS and IR spectral range.

Phase modulators from Jenoptik
With Jenoptik integrated optical phase modulators, you can influence the phase of light in particularly high modulation frequencies up to the gigahertz range. To do this, the modulator uses the rapid electro-optical effect of special crystals. You can also use the fiber-coupled light modulator in the VIS and IR spectral range

In the standard version of the integrated optical phase modulators, the light is coupled in and out via polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers. You can also configure the light modulator with other fiber systems or connectors

Fields of Application

  • Optics:
  • Analog modulation with high dynamics
  • Sideband generation
  • Interferometric measurement technology
  • Optical coherence tomography

Reduce Laser Repetition Rates Using the Control Unit for Integrated Optical Amplitude Modulators

You can use the Pulse Selector IOM to control integrated optical amplitude modulators easily via the USB interface on your PC. The operating point of the light modulator is automatically stabilized in this process.

Pulse selector, integrated optical modulators
The Jenoptik Pulse Selector IOM is a control unit for integrated optical amplitude modulators. The pulse picker makes it possible to reduce the repetition rate of pulse lasers. Alternatively, you can use this control unit as a triggerable pulse generator. 

The Pulse Selector IOM requires a TTL synchronous signal, which sets the laser repetition rate. You can control it easily using a command set via the USB interface on your computer. A photodiode is integrated into the pulse picker control unit. This enables you to use a feedback loop that automatically stabilizes the operating point of the amplitude modulator.


  • Versatile: Reduce the laser pulse repetition rate, or use it as a pulse generator
  • User-friendly: Manual or automatic operation is possible
  • Practical: Easy to use via the USB interface on your PC
  • Feedback loop: Automatically control the stabilized operating point of the modulator

Fields of Application

  • Reduce the laser pulse repetition rate in oscillator-amplifier systems
  • Generate pulses

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