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H+P   Spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV / EUV) spectral region presents a number of additional difficulties over spectroscopy in other regions of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The requirement for vacuum is just one of these.
Clearly, understanding the user perspective is crucial when designing such a complex spectrometer. Having spent several years as researchers in this field, we at H+P SPECTROSCOPY understand the aspects that matter most to spectrometer users. Dr. Rainer Hörlein is the driving force at our company and is able to tap a huge know-how in the design and application of XUV spectrometers.

Rainer Hörlein received a MA degree in physics from the University of Texas and a PhD from the University of Munich. He is author of 32 peer-reviewed publications mainly on plasma and high-field laser physics.
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Innovative XUV / VUV spectrometers
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