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Principals Products
Laserpoint   Laser Point, was founded in 1987 as a Distribution Company for opto-electronic instruments and components. The Company ownership belongs to a team of former researchers who brought into LaserPoint several decades of combined experience in National and International laboratories (Alcatel , the Natl. Council for Reaserch) on top technological fields like:
  • Plasma Physics
  • Lasers and Spectroscopic Systems
  • III-V Optoelectronic Device Development
  • Fibre Optics Transport Design

Starting from 2000, LaserPoint moved into manufacturing and has now gained a worldwide acknowledgment as a producer of high quality, high technology, thermopile based Laser Measurement Instruments derived from original design concepts and technologies. Some of those unique, state-of-the-art instruments have international patents. All the range of products developed in LaserPoint is application oriented since instruments are generated in developments with industrial partners. The product lines include:
  • Laser Power and Energy Meters
  • Laser Power Probes
  • OEM Thermopile disks and Heads
  • Digital Industrial Laser Monitoring Systems

LaserPoint products are based on unique and original technologies:
  • Thermal Software design of detectors to provide the best performance and reliability
  • Materials research that leads to coatings withstanding > 12KW/cm2 at KW powers
  • Power meters that, measure beam diameter and displacement
  • Broadband energy meters for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) medical applications
  • Thermopile power probes based on a Fast Integration method
  • Touch-screen, Ethernet linked, Multi Lingual, Digital Power & Energy Monitor
  • Power control, alarm generating Opto-Isolated electronics for monitoring and controlling industrial laser processes
  • Compact USB interface and software for Power and Energy probes

Other advantages of technologies adopted by LaserPoint are their unmatched performances in terms of robustness, fine details definition, simplicity of use and cost of ownership. 
Supporting Services provided by LaserPoint:
  • High level of technical support on power /energy measurement
  • NIST and PTB traceable optical calibrations
  • Custom designed Thermal Detectors
  • Fast response to technical questions
  • Timely delivery on all products

LaserPoint products are sold in Europe, Asia and North America to leading end users and OEMs through a broad network of national territorial agents and International Distributors who are highly qualified to support our products and our customer measurement needs. 
Main products
Photodiode Power Sensors
Beam Position Sensing Thermal Heads
Thermal Sensors
Thermal Sensors for Pulsed Lasers
Thermal Sensors for Excimer and UV Lasers
Thermal OEM Laser Sensor Discs
Thermal OEM Laser Sensors
Thermal OEM Laser Sensors with Analogue built in Amplifier
OEM Laser Power Probes(FIT-H Series)
OEM Sensors with RS232 and USB Interfacing
OEM Power Probes with RS232 and USB Interfacing
Portable Laser Power Probes
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