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2014 OSA Optics & Photonics Congress
Exhibition Dates: 2014-12-02 to 2014-12-05
Location: Energy Change Institute, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
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Optics and Photonics for Energy & the Environment(E2)

E2 focuses onmonitoring and controlling the generation of energy and its impact on theenvironment. The conference will showcase optical techniques andinstrumentation used in monitoring, sensing, and transmitting informationrelating to energy and the environment. It will bring together people fromindustry, university, and government to address environmental impacts of energyproduction and policies to guide its management. Special emphasis will be onsensor devices for energy, environment, and pollution monitoring, energy usageand transmission (including smart grid technology), and energy efficiency inindustry.


Optics for Solar Energy (SOLAR)

SOLAR focuses onoptics for solar energy applications including design, modeling, integration ofnovel materials, manufacture, field-testing and deployment, and economics.? Allforms of solar energy generation, transmission and storage ¨C from thermal tophotovoltaic to novel methods ¨C will be covered. The program will highlightpresentations spanning technology, public policy and finance.


Solid-State and Organic Lighting (SOLED)

SOLED focuses onnew materials (both organic and inorganic) and new devices for lighting,theirmanufacture and lighting policy.? The conference will showcase the latestinorganic and organic materials developed for solid-state lighting, novellighting structures, theory and modelling, and manufacturing and lightingissues. It aims to bring together people from along the research, developmentand manufacturing pipeline with presentations from industry and academia.


Optical Nanostructures and Advanced Materials forPhotovoltaics (PV)

PV brings together experts in nanophotonics, materials science and photovoltaics to discuss the latest developments in nanophotonic enhancement and nanostructured materials for the next generation of solar cells.? Nanostructured materials and photonic enhancement schemes offer unprecedented opportunities to control both theoptical and electrical properties of next-generation solar cells. This meetingcovers all aspects of optical nanostructures for photovoltaic applications,from surface textures and diffraction gratings through to emerging topics suchas plasmonic enhancement, nanowires, quantum dots, novel materials and spectralflux management in multi-junction solar cells.


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